In a pot, boil and salt the water

Vitamin a is found in butter, whole milk, egg yolk, animal liver (especially in fish liver). Before serving, products lightly season with salt and mix with the mayonnaise sauce and vinegar. During cooking, the vitamin C in vegetables and fruits easily destroyed, particularly by gradually increasing the temperature and the oxidation from exposure to air oxygen. Distributing food for Breakfast, lunch and dinner, it is necessary to consider what products and in what quantity needs one or another member of the family, depending on age and profession. Snack place in different places of the table.

In addition to protein, fats and carbohydrates to food substances include vitamins and mineral salts. Perishable foods such as meat, fresh fish, milk can be stored at home one or two days. If the sandwich is made with herring, cover it with mayonnaise in the form of a lattice. The range of fish products is much more diverse during the spring and autumn fishing. Gherkins and pickles cut into slices or leave whole.

In the preparation of the nutritional standards of children adopted number of calories and the number of individual food substances to calculate depending on the weight, i.e. In the diet it is advisable to include daily plant foods – vegetables, fresh herbs, fruits, berries. By the time you serve the fruit, sprinkle with powdered sugar and lightly salted, mixed with mayonnaise sauce and lemon juice. The use of semi-finished and finished food products gives huge savings in time, saves owner from the most unpleasant and time-consuming part of the work in the kitchen – cleaning fish, vegetables, meat preparation, etc., free kitchen from pollution and significantly reduces the time to wash dishes. 1 grouse (fried or boiled) – 2-3 pieces of boiled potato, cucumber, 100 grams of asparagus or cauliflower, 1 boiled carrot, 100 g of beans or pods of green peas, 1 tomato, 100 g of salad. Pre-soaked herring can already cleaned, sliced and laid on a tray in the form of a fish. When sudden lack of salt in food, as well as at constant excess in the body can occur serious violations. 1 grouse 1 or partridge – 4-5 PCs. These products must be placed symmetrically or in the form of drawings and patterns of different colors. Amino acid composition more valuable to include protein oats, rice, buckwheat; millet, semolina, pearl barley contain proteins characterized by relatively less food.