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Vitamin a is found in butter, whole milk, egg yolk, animal liver (especially in fish liver). Before serving, products lightly season with salt and mix with the mayonnaise sauce and vinegar. During cooking, the vitamin C in vegetables and fruits easily destroyed, particularly by gradually increasing the temperature and the oxidation from exposure to air oxygen. Distributing food for Breakfast, lunch and dinner, it is necessary to consider what products and in what quantity needs one or another member of the family, depending on age and profession. Snack place in different places of the table. Can be recommended for dinner salads, yogurt, scrambled eggs, sandwiches, vegetable casseroles, milk, tea, vegetable and fruit juices. Fill the prepared foods sauce, put in a salad bowl and, if desired, decorate top with slices of cooked beetroot, Apple and onion rings. Under the tablecloth, it is recommended to put a flannel or some other soft, heavy cloth: the cloth will fall evenly, the sound of plates and Cutlery will be softened. Select ripe and healthy berries, rinsed in cold water, otsasivayut on the sieve; the stones out of the cherries are removed. The yolk of hard-boiled eggs in a bowl, adding the cream and salt. Adorn served fresh flowers; they are placed (in low vases) in the middle of the table or in two or three places in the midline of the table.

In addition to protein, fats and carbohydrates to food substances include vitamins and mineral salts. Perishable foods such as meat, fresh fish, milk can be stored at home one or two days. If the sandwich is made with herring, cover it with mayonnaise in the form of a lattice. The range of fish products is much more diverse during the spring and autumn fishing. Gherkins and pickles cut into slices or leave whole. It is most expedient in this case to use meat and fish semi-finished products. Children should be fully aware that its not a fork, a spoon, a knife to take food from the shared plates, bowls, vases, trays, dishes. Cut off the roots, clean knife dark places of the stems and, after 1-2 hours in cold water, rinsed twice in clean water. As a consequence, the content of mineral substances in the blood has a great consistency, even in cases when their food is not enough. The best way to maintain such product is the cold. With the crusts cut off the rind, (the top layer), thinly cut and sprinkled on the salad. Contact with iron and copper enhances the destruction of vitamin C. In the closet automatically maintain the required food storage temperature. For example, if meat or fish is taken per person 100 g, then on the side it is necessary to give the finished potatoes 150-200 g, pasta or cereal 100-150 g Starting to prepare dinner, it is necessary to save time in the first place to cook dishes that require longer cooking, or those who before lunch must be cooled. The iron is part of hemoglobin the blood is the carrier of oxygen to tissues and organs; finally, the sodium and calcium regulate water metabolism and are involved in maintaining acid-base balance of the body. Calcium, magnesium, phosphorus form the basis of the skeletal system; calcium and magnesium, it is also extremely important for cardiac and skeletal muscles, and phosphorus to the nervous system. Finally, the soup can simmer for two days. BEET SALAD Cook or bake in the oven beets, peel it, cut them into strips, place in a bowl, add salt, sprinkle with pepper, add the oil, vinegar, mix well and put in a salad bowl. Hard-boiled eggs, cut into thin slices and mix with the sauce of sour cream with vinegar.

In the preparation of the nutritional standards of children adopted number of calories and the number of individual food substances to calculate depending on the weight, i.e. In the diet it is advisable to include daily plant foods – vegetables, fresh herbs, fruits, berries. By the time you serve the fruit, sprinkle with powdered sugar and lightly salted, mixed with mayonnaise sauce and lemon juice. The use of semi-finished and finished food products gives huge savings in time, saves owner from the most unpleasant and time-consuming part of the work in the kitchen – cleaning fish, vegetables, meat preparation, etc., free kitchen from pollution and significantly reduces the time to wash dishes. 1 grouse (fried or boiled) – 2-3 pieces of boiled potato, cucumber, 100 grams of asparagus or cauliflower, 1 boiled carrot, 100 g of beans or pods of green peas, 1 tomato, 100 g of salad. Pre-soaked herring can already cleaned, sliced and laid on a tray in the form of a fish. When sudden lack of salt in food, as well as at constant excess in the body can occur serious violations. 1 grouse 1 or partridge – 4-5 PCs. These products must be placed symmetrically or in the form of drawings and patterns of different colors. Amino acid composition more valuable to include protein oats, rice, buckwheat; millet, semolina, pearl barley contain proteins characterized by relatively less food. 250 g fillet of cod – 4-5 PCs. Some of them are close in their structure and chemical composition to proteins in the human body, i.e. Autumn and winter to take up more space hot soups – meat and fish; in spring and summer, many prefer cold soups – cold soup, okroshka, Botvina, soups made from fresh berries or fruit. COLD APPETIZERS SANDWICHES For sandwiches, you can use a variety of products: cold boiled or roast meat, boiled or smoked tongue, ham, various sausages, cheese, boiled sturgeon, white sturgeon, smoked sturgeon, salmon, Steelhead, sturgeon, salmon, sprat, sprats, sardines, caviar, pressed and chum salmon. Salads are usually served cold. Decoration of salads, like the selection of products for cooking them, can vary depending on taste and ingenuity. Sandwiches with sprats, anchovies or herring. Extremely rich in vitamin C rosehips, of which usually and vitamin concentrates are prepared and drugs.

From toasted crumb cut out the figures to the size of 6 cm – stars, diamonds, crescents, ovals, squares. Cheese sandwiches. Just before serving top the salad with sour cream sauce with egg, put in a salad bowl, to impose a fresh cucumber slices and sprinkle with finely chopped dill or parsley. For example, potatoes can be cooked in a quantity such that a part of him could go for a salad or a salad for dinner. Vitamin B1 is also called aneurism, thiamine. Leave the dishes unwashed, especially until the next day, absolutely unacceptable, as the remnants of food in the dishes decompose, emit an unpleasant odor, and in summer attract flies. After that the cabbage to cool and season with sugar and butter. Extremely rich in vitamin C rosehips, of which usually and vitamin concentrates are prepared and drugs. Source of vitamin C are fruits, berries, fresh vegetables, especially potatoes, cabbage, radish, radishes, turnips, green onions, spinach, lettuce, sorrel. Pods of beans and peas cleaned of veins and washed; the bean pods cut into pieces of a length of 2-3 cm, pea pods cut in half. Deficiency also develops "night blindness", reflected in the fact that a person loses sight in the twilight lighting. Sandwiches with sardines or salmon. Put a half slice of lemon without skin and seeds. When the children have finished eating, they should fork, spoon, knife not to put on a tablecloth, and on your plate. Extremely rich in vitamin C rosehips, of which usually and vitamin concentrates are prepared and drugs. In cranberries, especially stale, the vitamin C content slightly. It is most advisable to put trash in a bucket with a hinged lid and a foot pedal. It is recommended to lay the table the same appliances and kitchenware monotonous style and colors. Foods rich in protein (meat, fish, eggs), as well as more rational use of legumes for Breakfast and lunch. Wine (except champagne) you need to put in uncorked bottles, with carefully levelled, dry necks.